My name is Nick Smolinske, and I started sewing to make gear for myself.  Soon enough, friends started asking for bags and I started Rogue Panda Designs in February 2014.  My mission is to create innovative bikepacking gear made in the USA and at affordable prices.  All bags are made in Flagstaff, AZ – custom framebags are made by myself, and some of my non-custom projects are contracted out to Wet Dreams River Supply, also here in Flagstaff.

Like my Facebook page if you’d like to get updates on what I’m making at the moment, bikepacking trips I’ve taken, and any sales I put on – I plan to do a lot of sales and giveaways this year.


4 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Good afternoon Nick, I really like your attention to detail, very impressed with your product photos/videos. It is my understanding that the ‘water bottle cage bolts’ cause wear on frame bags. Do you reinforce and drill this area so that the user can mount the bag using those fasteners? I saw this feature on another website and would love to hear your thoughts on this. I’m interested in ordering a frame bag for a new blue large Salsa Fargo I should be getting in this week. Do you have orange fabric in Stock or have a particular color to recommend? Is your lighter weight fabric noisy (really crinkly)? I prefer the storm flap and just one zipper. Primary use is for storing a water bladder, so I need a drink tube port. Thanks, John


    1. John,

      Thanks! So I haven’t made a framebag that can mount using the water bottle mounts yet, but I’ve pondered it enough that I know how I would do it. I have some very strong material called hypalon that would be ideal. I’m not sure of the advantages or disadvantages, since I haven’t tried it. I know that personally I haven’t had any issues with my framebags (which just use velcro), and haven’t wished for them to more attached to the frame.

      I keep flourescent orange in stock, as well as the other colors. The orange is quite bright (think a high-visibility construction vest). I’ll send you an email with a photo of the orange. The fabric isn’t very noisy. I can add a drink tube port pretty easily.


  2. Hey Nick,

    I just received the frame bag for my Singular fat bike and the fit is perfect. As a bonus, it also fits my Vassago. Good quality throughout — even seams, beefy zipper, and lightweight. And unlike the other brands of bags I’ve been using, it seems to be waterproof. With the zipper closed it holds air like a balloon.

    Have you thought of manufacturing a device to remedy the problem of fully loaded seat bags swaying and hitting the back of the thighs? I find it annoying and will sometimes sit too far forward on the saddle to avoid the sensation. But then again, lots of things start to seem annoying after three weeks in the saddle.

    Keep up the good work.



    1. Chip,

      Thanks for the good review! I’d like to start out by noting that, although it may seem air-tight, it’s not waterproof, just highly resistant. In very heavy rains you will definitely get some water in through the seams (and the zippers, they are water-resistant but not waterproof).

      As for seatbags, I’ve never ridden with a standard seatbag – the one I’ve made for my bike runs down the seatpost and tie into the seat stays. I can tell you that my seatbag has no sway that I’ve been able to notice, when it’s tightened down. I believe that the seat stay straps are what really do the trick. I have ridden the same trails with others who had a more standard seatbag design and definitely noticed that theirs were swaying a lot more.

      You can read about my seatbags here.


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